Picking the right mortgage product is a fundamental first step in purchasing your new home. There are many loan solutions out there and we will explain them all to you and which one best suits your needs.

  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Conventional
  • Jumbo
  • LPMI
  • Commercial

Pre-Qualification Process

We start with our one-on-one mortgage application discussion, which sets the stage for the whole mortgage process. With an intimate conversation with a mortgage professional, we will ask you all the necessary questions to determine the product that is right for you. We will go through your credit report, FICO Score, housing for the past 2 years, employment for the past 2 years, income to debt ratio (DTI), down payment options, etc. All these necessary questions will set the stage for smooth transactions as we proceed with the loan process.

Property Search

Once you know what you can spend you can go find the right property for your budget and needs.

Writing an Offer

Once you find the perfect property you will want to make an offer. Your real estate agent will work with you on making a competitive offer. You will need a pre-qualification letter from FFHL. This is why we are always available, 24/7 even on holidays. Securing your property is your #1 priority and your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Application Process

Once you have an accepted offer you will formally apply for a mortgage. In this step we will disclose the loan and exchange documents. FFHL's uses docusign for all electronic applications. FFHL will also set up a drop box for you to exchange the documents in a secure environment. We are a green office and do not have paper files because we believe this is one of the most secure way to process mortgages today.


This is where the Brokers stand out and at FFHL, we carve out strong relationships with Lenders who underwrite your loan based on your unique circumstances We do not believe there is a one size fits all bank for all our clients' needs. This is why we we work with numerous banks with a variety of loan products. We use a system that helps us to determine the best Lenders with the most competitive terms available in the industry. If your mortgage application involves unique circumstances such as handwritten paystubs, recent bankruptcy, etc chances are, we have a lender that has you covered! Our founder's 22 year mortgage experience and FFHL's strong working relationship with Lenders set us apart from the competitors.


By the time you get to this step our clients have enjoyed great working relationship with FFHL. We keep you fully informed about the loan program and loan costs from application through closing and set appropriate expectations through closing. We work hard to ensure that there are never any surprises at closing.

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